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Dec 15

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After several years in development, screening against new diseases in Australia and seeking varieties which would satisfy the requirements of growers and consumers, Lefroy Valley is ready to launch a new generation of broccoli writes Kosta Popov, broccoli Product Development Manager at Lefroy Valley.

We went one step backward to go two steps forward! Some years ago, problems with broccoli production left growers dissatisfied with the quality of their product. At the same time consumers were not happy with what they were paying for.

At Lefroy Valley, at that time, the decision was made to change our approach to assessing broccoli trials and to raise the bar higher. It was a long & difficult path to travel. Our target was to satisfy the growers’ needs with a good quality product which would perform under different climatic conditions, and would also show resistance to diseases. At the same time a high quality product had to be provided to the consumer.

From that original vision, Lefroy Valley is now proud to present 4 new broccoli varieties which will cover year round harvest and supply.

Common to all four of these varieties are high dome shaped heads on a thick and smooth stem. Uniformity is excellent, especially for the winter variety SpinksF1 which provides the benefit of more rapid harvesting of paddocks. AnacondaF1, suited to warm to hot harvest slots, has tall and erect plants, which provides for good air movement between the plants and rows. BalboaF1 provides adaptability to different climatic and temperature fluctuations for autumn & spring harvest allowing the growers to maintain continuity of supply. For the difficult late spring/early summer harvest with the shortest timeslot, the best performer is Two42F1 which is a worthwhile card for the grower to play. All varieties have minimal sideshoots, allowing for good airflow.

Also common to this new generation is intermediate field resistance against “White Blister” (Ac). These varieties have been trialled successfully in all the different broccoli growing regions and timeslots. Commercial seed of the various varieties will become available from October 2012 through to February 2013 .

For the best harvest season in your area and seed availability, please contact your local sales representative and visit the Products page on this web site to view the tech sheets on our new generation of broccoli.


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