SOUTHERN SUMMER – something to look forward to!

Sep 12

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9/12/2018 3:43 PM  RssIcon

After wintry days and crisp mornings with jumpers and jackets, one of the advantages of living in Australia is that the SOUTHERN SUMMER is just around the corner. We can look forward to the blazing sun with shorts and thongs and a sweat on the brow!

Rock melon SOUTHERN SUMMER is bred to thrive in Australia's summer heat. It is a Harper type (light green background) with a uniform net and long shelf life.

It's strong bush is able to protect the young developing fruit and withstands those out-of-season showers that can occur close to harvest. SOUTHERN SUMMER has high yield potential of medium large fruit at around 2.2kg with a tight cavity. 

Look forward to SOUTHERN SUMMER in your paddock this year and for summers to come!

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