Broccoli Developments

Apr 6

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4/6/2020 2:29 PM  RssIcon

New generation broccoli is now available for the coming season, as well as our trusted varieties from last season. These include Alamo, Anaconda, Blackjack, Brutus, Cassius, Diablo, El Camino, Spinks and Viper.

Currently the new varieties Alamo, Brutus, Diablo and El Camino have good colour and smooth dome heads. Of the broccoli range, we have a variety to suit all harvest seasons, including winter, spring and early summer, in different climates around Australia.

Viper, El Camino and Alamo are fastest for their chosen time slots. With Cassius having strong erect plant and thick stems, Blackjack with excellent performance for spring harvest and Spinks showing excellent weight with no side shoots, Lefroy Valley has a broccoli for every market.

Contact your local office or sales representative for more information.

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