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Spinach the Pop Vriend Way

Disease resistance is key when it comes to spinach breeding, especially when it comes to the high-quality hybrid varieties. Pop Vriend’ s ‘spinach guru, Jan de Visser has been actively involved in the Pop Vriend spinach program for 27 years. Together with the spinach team at Pop Vriend, Jan undertakes substantial field research, in close cooperation with the global specialists, in order to always ‘stay ahead’.

LefroyValley_Bandera LefroyValley_Dallas

This constant focus has allowed Lefroy Valley to bring Australian growers a continually evolving range of spinach lines. The next generation of Pe 1-17 lines, including PV1526, Cocopah, Dallas and Bandera have strong disease resistance along with yield and exceptional colour.

PV1526 has a medium fast growth rate with oval paddle shaped leaves that are medium dark green. Harvesting in the cool and warm shoulders PV 1526 has resistance to Pe 1-17.

Dallas is a very fast-growing variety, with thick dark green leaves which are paddle shaped. Suited to cold shoulder to winter harvesting with Pe 1-17 and Ao – White Rust resistance.

Please contact your local Sales Representative or Spinach Manager Nick Laminski for more details.


Bullhorns for All Seasons

Lefroy Valleys portfolio of bullhorn capsicums provides options to satisfy all growing areas and seasons.

LefroyValley_Bullsweet LefroyValley_Matador

BULLSWEET F1 has become the industry standard over many years, and still continues to satisfy growers and market needs. It produces a strong plant which is able to carry a heavy yield of large bullhorn capsicums. Fruit are firm with an attractive dark red colour. HR: TMV

MATADOR F1 is the new kid on the block although it has been around for long enough to be a favourite for many growers. It has a slightly wider shoulder than Bullsweet, thicker flesh resulting in slightly heavier fruit. HR to TSWV is an advantage for certain production areas.



Forerunner was one of the standouts from over 300 hybrid sweetcorn variety trials at Bowen Research Centre


Forerunner is a strong clean plant with excellent disease resistance. High potential yield. Cobs are 18-20 cm with good husk cover, tip fill and flag leaf, and golden kernels, maturity in 88 days. Excellent trial results in Nth Qld and Lockyer Valley.

Disease package consists of:

  • HR: MDMV IR: Ps-other, Ps-Rp1d, Et
  • Ps-other - Common rust - other
  • Ps-Rp1d - Common rust - Rp1d
  • MDMV - Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus
  • Et - Northern Leaf Blight

Stockade has also been preforming well in Queensland. With 18cm cobs with excellent husk cover and tipfill. Will develop a flag leaf during summer. The plant is a strong, clean single stalk plant, with no suckers. Excellent disease package also.


With A Cherry On Top

ROSIEF1 is a high-quality cherry tomato which is produced on a compact determinate bush. This means it is early into production with a concentrated high potential harvest providing the option of limited or no pruning. Fruit averages 15g, is firm, sweet and resistant to splitting, allowing flexibility at harvest time. HR: Va, Fol1-3, ToMV, TYLCV


ROUGEF1 is a growers’ variety which produces outstanding quality fruit which is attractive to the market. ROUGE produces large cherry tomato fruit 20-25g which do not have green shoulder. Fruit is very firm and resistant to splitting, and colours up to a bright red after harvest. The bush and the fruit stand up well to rain events during harvest allowing for consistent yield and quality. HR: Va, Fol1-2, ToMV, Ma IR: TYLCV


An English Leek

Exeter leek features erect blue green foliage, with a tight fan for ease of harvest and a uniform long shank.


It has a very adaptable harvest segment, seeding in Southern region from July to early January, which makes harvesting from January to September.

Commercial seed is available now for dispatch from our Melbourne warehouse. Contact your local sales representative or Leek Manager Bruno Tigani.